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Miniaturenland is exclusive importer and distributor of Dark Sword (Darksword) Miniatures. Dark Sword is a manufacturer of premium miniatures for Tabletop- and role playing games. The miniatures are inspired by the great fantasy artists Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, Clyde Caldwell and Jeff Easley. The figures are sculpted by Tom Meier, Dennis Mize and Dave Summers, the best sculptors around. Miniaturenland is the only importer in Germany distributes the miniatures to stores and ships to customers directly likewise.

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Miniatures Scale

In general, the miniatures offered on this web site are sculpted in the "28mm Heroic Gaming Scale", unless otherwise stated. So, the height of an average human figure (measured from foot to eye line) would be around 28-30mm (monsters and dragons use to be larger). Please keep in mind, that due to the sculpted bases and head gear or hair, the overall size tends to be a tad larger, resulting in an overall height of about 35-40+mm. The scale of significantly larger miniatures (54mm display scale) is clearly denoted in the miniature title.

Size of Dark Sword Miniatures


Size of Dark Sword Miniatures


Size of Dark Sword Miniatures


Size of Dark Sword Miniatures


Since Dark Sword Miniatures are crafted by the most talented sculptors, they are often considered larger and not compatible to other manufacturer's lines. To show the size difference, here are some comparison shots.


Click on the images below to view a larger version (opens in new window):

Size comparison Dark Sword - Ral Partha, Reaper, GW, and Knight Miniatures (Star Wars):

Size comparison Ral Partha, Dark Sword, Reaper, GW


Reaper - Dark Sword (including dragon) size comparison:

Size comparison Dark Sword, Reaper



Dark Sword

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Miniaturenland - Official Distributor of Dark Sword Miniatures in Germany