Miniaturenland - Official Distributor of Dark Sword Miniatures in Germany

Miniaturenland is exclusive importer and distributor of Dark Sword (Darksword) Miniatures. Dark Sword is a manufacturer of premium miniatures for Tabletop- and role playing games. The miniatures are inspired by the great fantasy artists Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, Clyde Caldwell and Jeff Easley. The figures are sculpted by Tom Meier, Dennis Mize and Dave Summers, the best sculptors around. Miniaturenland is the only importer in Germany distributes the miniatures to stores and ships to customers directly likewise.

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With JavaScript enabled in your browser, this MiniFinder will always find a miniature to your choice. After you chose a characteristic, the MiniFinder only displays a choice of options that lead to a matching result. As a consequence, you need to reset your option first before being able to change your choice. For example, after choosing "female" you won't be able to change directly to "male". First select "any" to get all choices displayed again. Alternately, you may click on the "Reset filter" button to reset all the form fields.

Only miniatures that match all the chosen criteria will be displayed. Reduce the number of choices to increase the number of results.

Hint: Finding More Weapons

In the menu "Item" you'll find additional objects or secondary weapons the miniature carries, so it's a good idea to look there for a katana on the back, another long sword in the scabbard or a dagger in the boot.


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Miniaturenland - Official Distributor of Dark Sword Miniatures in Germany