Miniaturenland - Official Distributor of Dark Sword Miniatures in Germany

Miniaturenland is exclusive importer and distributor of Dark Sword (Darksword) Miniatures. Dark Sword is a manufacturer of premium miniatures for Tabletop- and role playing games. The miniatures are inspired by the great fantasy artists Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, Clyde Caldwell and Jeff Easley. The figures are sculpted by Tom Meier, Dennis Mize and Dave Summers, the best sculptors around. Miniaturenland is the only importer in Germany distributes the miniatures to stores and ships to customers directly likewise.

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Caldwell Masterworks

Strong and sexy women dominate the paintings of Clyde Caldwell, who is located in North Carolina (USA). The miniatures released in this product line are inspired by his works. Caldwell created numerous cover illustrations for TSR between 1992 and 2002. He became one of the most popular AD&D artists because of his typical female characters.

Clyde Caldwell still works as a freelance fantasy illustrator.

Miniature sets

Single miniatures (in blister packs)

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Miniaturenland - Official Distributor of Dark Sword Miniatures in Germany